Can you help with research

The following request has been made to us - can you help with this?

"9th February 2018

Dear sir/Madam

We are looking for people who have had ileostomy surgery in the past 12 months to help us design research studies to see if we can improve dietary advice provided to people with a newly formed ileostomy.

We want you to tell us what you think about our plans for the research and what issues need investigating with respect to the dietary advice currently provided after having an ileostomy. We are particularly interested to know what you would want from the dietary advice if you were taking part in a study, and how you think the studies would work best for people with an ileostomy. We need you to help us optimise how we conduct our research.

We would like to arrange a meeting in central Bristol. This may be during the day or an evening depending on the preference of the group. We will talk about our ideas for the research and ask for your thoughts and suggestions on how the research can best meet the needs of people with an ileostomy. You can bring someone with you if you wish and we will pay you (or them) for any travel costs.

If you are interest in helping us or would like to find out more information before deciding, please contact Alex Mitchell by email:  or telephone 0117 342 1754

Yours sincerely

Alexandra Mitchell  PhD student/Dietitian

Bristol Biomedical Research Centre Nutrition Theme

UHBT Education & Research Centre

Upper Maudlin Street

Bristol BS2 8AE."