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A useful tip to reduce odour in your appliance - place two or three drops of Essence of Peppermint in your stoma bag. This is available from most supermarkets or chemists. Also check out both products.htm and

Have an ostomy - will travel

The holiday season is upon us again! There is  NO reason not to travel where ever you want! Just be prepared!

Pack twice the amount of supplies you would normally use - just in case - remembering to take them as hand luggage. Contact the airline to see if you can take an extra hand baggage for "medical supplies", some airlines do some don't so ask well in advance.

Avoid food and drink that upset you or create excessive wind the day before travelling. don't forget to take some "Imodium" and some electrolyte replacement solution to re-hydrate you if needed. Remember to drink bottled water, do not put ice in your drinks. Wash around stoma with bottled or boiled water.

Make sure you have a copy of your prescription with you and preferably a travel certificate (signed by your Dr or equivalent).

You will have to go through a body scanner - if you don't then expect a full body search! This is airport security, which is for your benefit as well! If you say to the staff you have a stoma and are a bit self conscious, they will treat you with respect but they have to do their job, having a stoma doesn't exclude you from security checks. Most UK airports operate a "hidden conditions" scheme where you collect a lanyard or bracelet from the assistance reception desk which will identify you to staff that you have additional needs.

Remember that liquids can only be carried in 100ml bottles - unless they have the prescription label on them. don't forget to put everything in clear plastic bags - this allows inspection, if necessary, without handling.

Colostomy UK have a very good booklet on Travel Advice which can be downloaded from their website.

Also check out Coloplastís web site before travelling - C51FAA600256D3C004C241C

Water, water everywhere - except in me!

Those who irrigate often report that the water doesnít flow in - this may because they are too tense. Close the regulator and take a short, deep breath. Exhale well and long (I donít want to hyperventilate!) and then proceed after a little while. I then gently move the cone a little bit and aim it in at a different angle. While moving the cone, some gas and water might evacuate. Thatís okay, so do not worry. Another problem may be that the pressure is too low - in other words, the position of the reservoir is too low. Put the hook higher up.

How do I join B.O.S.S.?

Thatís an easy one. Just email - or fill in the contact us form on this site.